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Baby fascinated by her own chubby cheeks
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  • 55 minutes ago
  • 46:00

Smile along as this newborn baby plays with her cheeks in this heartwarming clip. Cuteness overload! Source & embed code:...

Fearless grandma shoots semi-automatic rifle with ease!

At 84 years young, Queen Sally shoots this Barrett M107, a very powerful and intense semi-automatic rifle. Nice work! Source & embed code:...

Elderly man really gets into arcade game
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  • 5 hours ago
  • 33:00

An enthusiastic elderly man is fully involved in this Little Caesar's arcade game. Going for the high score? Source & embed code:...

Golden Retriever helps carry in the groceries
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  • 5 hours ago
  • 25:00

Check it out as this helpful pup carries in some groceries for its owner. Talk about giving a helpful paw! Source & embed code:...

Puppy decides to nap on owner during yoga instruction
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  • 9 hours ago
  • 27:00

It appears that this pup is teaching its owner what a downward dog should be! Adorable! Source & embed code:...

Dog obsessed with catching laser dot
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  • 16 hours ago
  • 18:00

Check out Gucci's hilarious attempt at catching the laser dot on the door. High energy! Source & embed code:...

Cat refuses to let owner stop petting him
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  • 16 hours ago
  • 01:35

This poor owner can't get up from his bed as his cruel kitten keeps him prisoner for more cuddles! Source & embed code:...

Caterpillar defends itself with venomous spines

This caterpillar of a Saturniid Moth was filmed in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. Its body is covered with venomous spines for self defense. The...

Poodle wins 'Golden Retriever Egg Challenge' with ease

Portia the Poodle aces the Golden Retriever Egg Challenge by catching a RAW (not boiled) egg without breaking it. Bravo! Source & embed code:...

Dog carrying briefcase is ready for work

Mia the dog goes to work with her briefcase "in hand"... Adorable! Source & embed code:...

Pug throws hissy fit when bone is stolen

Enkei the pug is always losing out on bones, treats and toys to Sanka the French Bulldog. On this occasion they had both been given a bone to chew....

Baby thinks Ramen Noodles are "nasty"

Dad can't cook, so he tries to feed his 1-year-old daughter some Ramen Noodles... and then this happens! Source & embed code:...