Baby elephant struggles to climb out of river

Baby elephants make for very entertaining viewing most of the time. They are still very inexperienced and constantly struggle with their daily life challenges in an adorable way. This baby elephant faces one of those real obstacles of daily life in the African bush. After cooling down in the river with the rest of his family, he decides it is time to get out of the river and go to mommy. Climbing out of the river suddenly becomes a monumental task for this little elephant.<br><br>During his first attempt, the young elephant repeatedly slips while trying to climb out the river using his knees. Just as it looks like he might make it, the young elephant helplessly slides down the muddy slope back into the water. This incredibly funny first attempt surprisingly gives the little one extra motivation and he takes on the same challenge for the second time. This time he is more determined and committed and gives it another go. At first it goes slippery and slow again but then suddenly it looks like he engages into four wheel drive. This whole time the mother elephant patiently stood and watched her young one. She moves closer as if she wants to help him. The baby elephant amazingly succeeds and makes it out of the river on his knees, without any physical help from his mother in the end. He finally gets on the top of the river bank, still on his knees. Quickly he jumps back up onto his feet and moves behind his mother with great relief.<br><br>Everyone watching this sighting from a distance felt extremely proud of this baby elephant. This challenge was just one of the many struggles this brave little youngster will have to face on a daily basis. The lessons learned during these tough times will be vital for the survival of this baby elephant in a hostile and dangerous environment.

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