ROX vs JAG Game 2 | Week 1 Day 3 S7 LCK Summer 2017 | Rox Tigers vs Jin Air Greenwings G2 1080p

JAG vs ROX G2 W1D3 lck summer 2017 - Jin Air Greenwings vs Rox Tigers Game 2 LoL eSports lck Korea Summer 2017 Week 1 Day 3.
LoL eSports Season 7 of LCK Champions Korea Summer 2017 - Jin Air Greenwings vs Rox Tigers Game 2 | SKT T1 vs SSG W1D3 LCK VOD 2017 1080p quality.
LCK 2017 Summer full Playlist:
League of Legends LCK Champions Korea Season 7 (2017) Summer.
Fifth match of the day - Rox Tigers vs Jin Air Greenwings best of 3 game 2. JAG vs ROX G2 Finals.

Rox Tigers Line-up:
Lindarang - top Kennen
SeongHwan - jungle Nidalee
Mickey - mid Cassiopeia
Sangyoon - ADC AShe
Key - support Brand

Jin Air Greenwings line-up:
ikssu - Top Jayce
UmTi - Jungle Graves
Kuzan - Mid Galio
Teddy - AD Xayah
SnowFlower - Support Rakan

Patch: 7.10 - Season 7
Game date: 01.06.2017 | 06/01/2017 | June 1st 2017
Game place: Seoul, South korea
Casters: Papasmithy and Atlus

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