DRIVE: The LemonNation Story

Daerek "LemonNation" Hart's journey to the NA LCS has seen its ups and downs -- from the highest highs of being a two-time NA LCS Champion, to the lowest lows of dealing with a team breakup -- but through it all LemonNation was able to find a second family.

Drive explores the parallels between Daerek’s parents’ divorce and his long-standing friendship with teammate Hai.

"Easy" by Jamie Peter Fonti, Rachel Rosen, Sean Fonti
"Feel The Love" by Charles Drew, Higgi Sauce, Syed Saif Haider Naqvi
"Pursuit" by Alan Laurence Gold
"Welcome To Our World" by Axel Tenner
"I Can’t Forget" by Dystosound
"Uncertain Abilities" by Frederik Wiedmann
"Believe" by Benjamin Booker
"Unlimited Possibilities" by Axel Tenner