LCK vs EU LCS | Day 1 of LoL 2017 All Star Group Stage | Korea All-Stars vs EU LCS All-Stars

Korea vs Europe. EU LCS vs LCK Game 1 lol esports All-Stars 2017. League of Legends All-Stars 2017 VOD.
2017 All-Star full playlist:
League of Legends Season 7 International All-Star Event - Round Robin.
Second match of the day - LCK vs EU LCS best of 1 Game 1. Korea vs EU.

LCK Line-up:
Top - Cuvee Jayce
Jungle - Ambition Jarvan IV
Mid - Faker Malzahar
ADC - PraY Jhin
Support - Gorilla Tahm Kench

EU LCS Line-up:
Top - sOAZ Maokai
Jungle - Jankos Kha'Zix
Mid - PowerOfEvil Xerath
ADC - Rekkles Miss Fortune
Support - IgNar Blitzcrank

Patch: 7.23 - Season 7 (Zoe enabled)
Game date: 08.12.2017 | 12/08/2017 | December 8th 2017
Game place: NA LCS Battle Arena
Casters: Deficio and Captain Flowers

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