Chipmunk becomes victim in red squirrel peanut prank

This red squirrel is the boss of the backyard. He doesn't miss an opportunity to chase the smaller chipmunks away whenever there are peanuts set out. It seemed like a good idea to turn the tables and pull a little prank on the bully with the peanut tied down by an elastic. This poor chipmunk became an unintended victim though, when he showed his daring side. Right in front of the red squirrel, our little friend grabs peanuts and makes a run for it. When he gets to the tethered ones, he pulls frantically. The squirrel quickly figures out that he can chew through each end of the shell. Persistence pays off for the smart little chipmunk and he eventually figures out that he can chew through the elastic and make off with the whole peanut. It seems that the chipmunk gets the last laugh in the end!

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